We again “Wet” the Qtr. Madrid Veterans (Majadahonda 2013)

On Sunday 16 June Veterans Championship was held in Madrid Majadahonda.

On behalf of the club: There he was in the test 1.500 mts femenina MAITE IÑIGUEZ, I stayed first of its M-35.

In 400 male mts, JESUS ​​ESCRIBANO got bronze medal in its category M-45.

In 1.500 mts LUIS MARTIN OLIVARES who had to withdraw due to injury, GOYO with a time of 5:16 and FERNANDO SEOANE-PAMPÍN with a time of 5:31.

In testing 5.000 CARLOS SMITH and DAVID HEAD chocolate medal won in their categories.

Also ROSI MARRIED ascended the podium in the popular race of San Antonio de la Florida.

Congratulations to everybody