Seville – You have a Marathon 36 After years


Ago 36 years I ran my first marathon, the first edition of MAPOMA and over the years other 4 more editions Hard Madrid marathon, the latter in the 99. A little joke, a little serious, Ana Isabel Alonso the national record distance woman bundled me to accompany his son Ivan in Seville adventure. When in late October as noted Sevilla quote, My idea was simply 30km but slowly convincing myself that I could finish, provided health respect a minimum in order to make the coaches.

It's been a month of workouts at 7:00 Morning, weeks to care a bit more than I do, any evidence to be taking pace of competition. In the days before many bets were made, if he if he did not, if it was more than 4 hours… the fact is that I went with my fellow travelers Ana Isabel Alonso, his son Ivan and Super Goyo.

Since the evening before we left for Seville snack, Goyo and I set a limit 3 but the canes planted in 4 quickly. We went to the hotel at the same stage of La Cartuja, to get there and the restaurant service was collapsed, we had to sit on the stairs to wait and there fell two thirds… Do not say you have to hydrate before a race?



The night was a bit busy, I put the heating, Goyo turn it off because it made noise… he sounded the alarm phone 2 the 3 sometimes late at night as I entered my number whasaap; good because the 7:00 above and get together with family Alonso.

We headed to the exit and obviously there was some excitement; output was very well organized and in a minute we passed under the arch, I activated my stopwatch and there to look for the 5 minutes per km, aware that the first had to be slowest, actually spent the first 5.25… all very well to 10, hidratándonos and the 12 short stop to evacuate, deluxe. The average was approaching and we were practically the globe 3.30, at times I thought I passed, knowing that what we had to do despite the good feelings.


Km 20 Ivan starts to lose a few meters, I am aware of him a few miles and I take my “gel 226ERS”… I'm arriba. The 30 and it was there, and step 2:33:30.



Had long since ceased to Ivan and between 30-35 is when you begin to weigh the quadriceps (very few worked, or slopes or gyms or ná ná) I came forward and the 35 for the refreshment stop and drink, and so was.



Since then to target only 7km, only 7km walk and run, suffer and suffer. Groups that Venis back I went without power hook anywhere, and the stadium looks like it came off a little more strength and get to do the last km running to enter 3:47:53, but this was the sixth marathon and like the others at some point I had to go but I promise I'll do everything to Sevilla Flip and closer to running 3:30.


Ana Isabel was brilliant in 3:32 about. Super Goyo 3:22 about. e Iván en 3:51.

Perfect thank the organization and the treatment they have had towards our group both by Rodrigo Gavela as Captain Vicente. Back.

Signed: Fernando Seoane-Pampín.