Results Milla Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 28 April 2013

Was held on Sunday Milla Sagrada Familia, a sporting event, recreational and social premier in Barcelona. Throughout the morning, from the 9.30 hours to 13 hours, races have happened in a closed loop around the Sagrada Familia sleeps, and the Temple of the Holy Family. Participated amateur athletes of all ages, from youngest to veterans, that ran in different series, by age or category

There were our club Seoane-Pampín: DIANA MARTIN. MARTA PEREZ MIGUEL SANCHEZ-IRENE and ESCRIBANO, that had a major impact on media and organization due to their recent successes: Short Cross runners Spain 2013, Marta Pérez (Promise Indoor Champion Spain 1.500), Irene Sánchez- Notary (Promise Indoor Champion Spain 3.000) Diana and Martin Castilla-León Champion 5.000 smooth feet.

They competed with l @ s largest environmental fund Spanish, Isabel Macias, Solange Pereira, Elian Periz, Kevin Lopez, Luis Alberto Marco, Higuero, etc.

The test results Women:

Position Time Name Dorsal Nationality Club


4’51” Solange Pereira 1 ESP A. Bikila


4’52” Isabel Macias 2 ESP Valencia Terra i Mar


4’55” Élian Périz 4 ESP Valencia Terra i Mar


5’01” Sonia Bejarano 5 ESP FC Barcelona


5’06” Judit Plá 3 ESP Santutxu


5’08” Khadija Rahmouni 6 MAR AD Maratón


5’13” Atteneri Tur 9 ESP CA Laietana


5’14” Diana Martin 13 ESP CD Seoane Pampin


5’15” Anna Bové 14 ESP FC Barcelona


5’17” Marta Pérez 11 ESP CD Seoane Pampin


5’26” Almudena Rodríguez 7 ESP Go Run Nogalte
12 5’29” Irene Sánchez 10 ESP CD Seoane Pampin