Past Present and Future of Marathon


Ana Isabel Alonso and fellow Alessandra Aguilar equipo.Detrás Dr. Fernando Seoane-Pampín,supporting as always in second row his girls.

On Saturday 18 October we present the First Marathon Women in Relay organized by Sanitas Telva Running in Las Rozas.

Here we agree with the last the Spanish marathon, Ana Isabel Alonso Record current National Marathon Woman 2:26:51 (San Sebastián 1.995). Following up with the Athletics Club Dental Clinic Seoane-Pampín the podium all weekend, in the category of veteran. In addition to keep running marathons, the last this year in Seville accompanied by his son Iván and Doctor Seoane-Pampín,,es,In the end, the PAMPIN and SEOANE team took the podium with the first team,,es,Ángeles Hermida and Rocío García,,es,Our congratulations to all,,es .

There was also the this Marathon in Spain Alessandra Aguilar, 5º World Marathon in Moscow 2013, very close to the record 2:27:00 (Rotterdam 2011). The only Spanish closer to being able to snatch that record Ana Isabel.

And the future I was also there in the marathon relay, it was for the club sided test at the beginning of cross season. In addition to presenting his new signing Gema Martín Borgas.


 Athletics Club Dental Clinic Seoane-Pampín with the guest of honor: MARTA MOLPECERES and VANESSA CONEJERO.


Gema Martín Borgas

Tomorrow hot in Las Rozas where Seoane-Pampin Club presented two very compensated experience and youth teams where the primary was teamwork.

On one side was the team of SEOANE: SONIA Plaza, MARTA Molpeceres, Rosie MARRIED, VANESSA CONEJERO and CRISTINA JORDAN.

On the other side was the team of PAMPIN: Tamara SANFABIO, MAYTE IÑIGUEZ,ANA ISABEL ALONSO and GEMA MARTIN.



Photomontage MARTA Molpeceres

Al final el equipo PAMPIN y SEOANE subieron al podio junto al primer equipo, que fue The Last to the River formado por Maria Victoria, Isabel, Paula Garcia, Ángeles Hermida y Rocío García. Nuestra enhorabuena a todas, conducted a carrerón.

Impressive start Sonia Plaza and Tamara Sanfabio as the end of Gema Martín and Cristina Jordan that have proven to be 100% to start cross season.

We conclude with a banquet offered by the doctor at the Tomato Restaurant, where we enjoyed together win.

Until next appointment winter cross circuit.