Alessanda Aguilar. Sonia Plaza, Gema Martín Borgas, Diana Martín Hidalgo, Irene Sanchez-Escribano, María José Pérez Moreno y Marta Pérez Miguel be tested in female elite fighting Kenyan Mercy Cherono, y Doris Changeywo, in addition to Spanish and Czech Dolores , Natalia Rodríguez, Lidia Rodríguez, Sonia Bejarano and Elena Thick. The goal is a good post, that leads them to the European cross.

In the elite men's race will Raúl Aragón…its performance is unknown on a cross of this type, but recent workouts and analytical say it may be the surprise of the race.

It will also be our friend Marhoum, debuting with Hummel Guadalajara. He will fight the top three finishers of the last of Cross Korir world, Merga and Medhin and among other Spanish: Bezabeh, Lamdassemm and Carlos Castillejo.

And in veterans presence of Alberto Fernández Gil, who two years ago won the popular test.

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