Milla Urbana XV MEMORIAL Juan José Lozano - the Stem

Sonia Square rises with victory in the women's queen

The town of La Roda Albacete hosted the first Sunday in May a new edition of its Urban Mile in honor to the late Juan José Lozano athlete Rodens. The central Paseo de la Estación was again the ideal setting for your dispute, complete with two laps to score the 1609 m rigor.

The Sports Club La Roda, with great care and commitment, a year maintaining its commitment to the sport and performed a commendable effort to make a career that has seen in recent years much of the elite middle-and Spanish background and today still attracts top athletes actually from different places in the Castilian region - Manchego, Madrid and Valencia.

For the second consecutive year, Sonia Square Higueras – Club Dental Clinic Seoane - Pampín – involved in the appointment Rodens. After winning second place in 2012, came this time with his sights set on improving rendering above. His great competitive during the regular season cross country and good training conducted in recent weeks to Cuenca athlete provided sufficient guarantees to face the test with optimism and self-confidence.

From the starting gun, marched at the head of the group of athletes. With a controlled start and steadily, once it was decided to break the fast pace printing a career that took him to gradually pick his opponents in the first round the circuit. So, the absence of a return, stood out from the other competitors, Sandra Karina Cordova who still followed him a short distance. Behind, and somewhat more comfortable about their pursuers, local athlete stood José María del Toro.

Entry into the final part of the race the athlete conquense slightly increased their income, thus being able to get comfortable and outstanding on goal, getting an interesting time trial 5 minutes 5 seconds. A while improving in 10 Seconds earlier registration, generating extra motivation and greater competitive security ahead of new challenges and athletic commitments during the outdoor season.

Signed: Alberto Fernández
Athletic Training Services