Sixth Meritorious Rank in Las Pampineras Cpto.Europeo of Cross Clubs in Guadalajara


IMG_1989 - copia

Photo: Miguel Calvo

Nice experience Sunday 1 February running a European home.

Congratulations to all computer components. A sixth tastes like flowers, because the club just wear 3 years competing.

By order of entry: Alessandra Aguilar (17), Cristina Jordan (24), MarÍa José Pérez (26), Sonia Plaza (33), Ana Lozano(36) and Gema Martín (38) entered the final with much merit as followed was several cross.

Congratulations to the components of Santutxu second on the podium and the first clubs Guadalajara Male. We also congratulate the Bikila who might have slipped on the podium since only 10 points of difference between the 5 first,

The next event in the national cross in Caceres there we will fight for the podium.