Campeones España Cross Corto Cáceres 2015

Running great day yesterday Cáceres, where the National Championship was held by Cross Clubs, next to 2.700 athletes of all categories and participating more 200 clubs.

Extremadura congratulate Athletics Federation and the great organization RFEA.

Our Dental Clinic Athletics Club Seoane-Pampín was a resounding success and the third consecutive year the podium in the short and long cross.

This year the team CD. Seoane-Pampín the short cross formed it: Diana Martín, Marta Pérez, Irene-Sánchez-Escribano, Ana Lozano and Tamara Sanfabio. They controlled the race from start to finish despite his youth, first ending and to 21 the second one points the favorite FC. Barcelona.

Senior Women Short Cross Rating:
1- C. Dental Seoane-Pampín: 26 points.
2- FC Barcelona: 47 points.
3- A.D Marathon: 55 points.


In the Long Cross team Seoane-Pampín was formed Alessandra Aguilar, Cristina Jordan, Married, Sonia Plaza, Gema Martin and Rosi Married. They fought throughout the race with Athletic Bilbao, runners in Europe. Highlight the performance of each and mainly Alessandra Aguilar and Cristina Jordan running at home. They finally got the podium in a creditable second, third year runners-up in Spain.

Ranking Senior Female Cross over:
1- Athletic Bilbao: 14 points.
2- C.Dental Seoane-Pampin: 40 points.
3- A.D Marathon: 48 points.

Congratulations to all