The Blue Tide Returns to Succeed in Oropesa

Club Dental Clinic Seoane-Pampín, has done it again this weekend in Marina D'or doublet. Success of our athletes have been named runners-up Spain Long & Short Cross.

This year we have really missed a Mariajo and Maite in the short cross, The first and second injury for his job. Also, long cross to Ana Isabel Alonso recovering Marathon and Cristina Sevilla injured Jordan, but that also was in Marina D'or with Vicente supporting their partners. This is what differentiates us from the other club, making large pineapple athletes each, and their families… the end we are one big family.

Thank this year to drivers, also took care of the logistics : Ramón, David and Carlos, Marina and the animators, Paty, sons of Ramon / Rosi and his sons Pedro Maso.


In Short Cross outstanding : Helen Dendir, Diana Martin,Miriam Casillas, Marta Pérez e Irene Sánchez-Escribano . This team promises, average age of the youngest championship and still have proclaimed again runners-up Spain.

The excellent long cross our “generalas” Alessandra Aguilar and Marta Esteban, very strong, accompanied by large Sonia Plaza and Lucia Morales who have already shown they can fight with the best of Spain and closing with the great performance of Tamara and Rosi Sanfabio Married.

Here's a photo gallery of the national cross by clubs

Here you can see the results for short and long sorority