Alessandra Aguilar ,Cristina Jordan, Sonia Plaza, Mª José Pérez, Gema Martín and Ana Lozano will form the team Sunday in Guadalajara attempt the feat of making the podium in a European championship cross by clubs.


They are the ones who will be in the starting box, but also remember Diana Martín which has been ready to run it, Rosi Married which will be in the circuit as a substitute, young Irene Sánchez – Notary, Marta Pérez, Miriam boxes,Tamara Sanfabio, who has tried to be there, the woman marathon record Ana Isabel Alonso, our friend the “Faith” Mayte Iñiguez, Helen which we wish a speedy recovery, Lucia Morales enjoying motherhood and soon we will see wearing the top of the Seoane-Pampín and as of Marta Esteban although it is now at another club has done its part to Sunday all enjoy a great performance by the girls in blue.


That you enjoy and will leave a great career!