The Athletics Club Dental Clinic Seoane-Pampín Champion Spain 2014 Half Marathon in Corunna

The sixth edition of the Half Marathon brought together nearly 2000 athletes, between popular and elite, they enjoyed the good weather and coruñeses citizens in a Championship Spain

Minimum three marks were achieved for the Global Copenhagen next 29 March: two men and one for women.



In the women Alessandra Aguilar of Athletics Club Dental Clinic Seoane-Pampín marked from the start of the race the pace, aided by Javi Martínez arriving solo to the finish stopping the clock in 1h:11.16”, getting a personal best, addition to the minimum for the next World 29 March. Second was Verónica Pérez, the C.A.P.O.L with 1h:14 02"And third place went to Raquel Gomez 1h:14:28”, Athletic Pamplona. Fourth was Marta Esteban Poveda Seoane-of Pampín, with a time of 1h:14: 42.



The Athletics Club Dental Clinic Seoane-revalidate Pampín Spain Championship clubs for Half Marathon with Alessandra Aguilar, Marta Esteban, Lucia Morales and Rosi Married.

Seoane-Pampín also was champion in Category F 35 Alessandra, Rosi and Lucia.



In the men's Ayad Lamdassem Bikila won, Entering goal with a time of 1h:02.57”. Second was his teammate Javier Guerra, with a time of 1:03:09"And the third athlete also Bikila Jesus Antonio Nuñez with 1h:04:29”. Also getting the championship of Spain by club.


In veterans underline the historic podium athlete octogenarian Manuel Rosales, with 18 world titles and eight times winner of the New York Marathon, that turned her into the top drawer in the Veterans category 75 a 79.



While, in veterans 65 a 69 Champion won the Veterans Marathon Spain Emilia Cowboy. Avila, of 65 years and that only leads 12 running and has, also, the record in its class.