Bright Half Marathon The Cerrato

Great weekend in the valley of El Cerrato. We arrived on Saturday to see the match Atletico, besides running the test on Sunday and from the first time all the people of antiquity and Baltanas overturned with athletes test, we felt like in our house, everyone seemed athletic and Seoane-Pampín ... less like a scab Higuero, joy that the end with the athletic victory, many followers of Seoane-Pampín. Our thanks to Mariano and event organizers, Tinin Atienza who has run almost all editions of the half marathon, but now dump in the organization and the mayors of antiquity and Baltanas, that helped us and looked after us.
In this test where elite athletes are mixed with popular runners. Este año nuestro agradecimiento a Jesús Antonio Nuñez del Bikila, Pablo Villalobos of ADM and Higuero, that at all times this test were supporting, sharing experiences, encouraging and assisting all popular runners.
The test began at the shrine of Our Lady of Garon with slight headwind
From the outset they were placed on Jesus head Antonio Nuñez, Oscar Fernandez Giralda, Pablo Villalobos and Community Club Manager Fernando Seoane-Pampín Vallarino, who was covering the test skates :)
Al final, this year's rematch Antonio Nuñez Fernández Giralda Oscar winning last year's winner
Por Clubes el equipo femenino del Club Atletismo Clínica Dental Seoane-Pampín, stay composed champion Sonia Square , Tamara Sanfabio, Lucia Morales,Rosi Married and captain Ana Isabel Alonso.
Sonia Plaza termino tercera en la absoluta y Tamara Sanfabio quinta. También Ana Isabel Alonso, Rosi Married Lucia Morales also took the podium in their categories.
Boys Club Seoane-Pampín also were about to enter the podium, but due to the celebration of the champions league and Alberto skewer, could not finally be on the podium.
Best of all was the lamb offered us together in his cave Tinin best local cheese and best preserved Azkue.